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The Day That Everything Changed – Teething

Women And Children Crying, Floods Of Water Everywhere, Sleep Deprivation And Vacant Stares…

The Day That Everything Changed

Firstly, this story will be common to those of you who have our Teething eBook, for the rest of you… buckle in…

Now that may be a little overdramatic but that’s how I remember day 1 of our teething little monster that seemed to bite, chew and drool on everything in sight.

The sound of a baby munching on his own hand echoed in my ears whilst the kettle boiled my first (of many) cups of coffee for the day.


How long does baby teething last? How can I help my teething baby? Is it safe to sleep with noise-cancelling headphones on? – These were my first three Google searches which gave me all the answers I didn’t want. Something had to change…

After a little bit more Google’ing I realised I needed a teether. Little did I know this was an absolute minefield with different shapes, colours, textures, materials and prices.


I ordered a couple of different types on the quickest possible delivery and waited at the window like a dog waiting for its owner.


The next day they came. Wooden, silicone, round, triangular, every type under the sun. But there was one that really did stand out quickly – Echo Elephant by Matchstick Monkey. Not only was this my son’s favourite but being fridge and dishwasher-proof, easy to clean, and great at soothing all whilst working on his fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It did everything we needed – and more.


Chomp, chomp, chomp on poor Echo Elephant’s head… but rather that than my fingers, nose or anything else within an arms reach! As the day went on we bought Echo with us everywhere. What a transformation. I’m not saying it was plain sailing from that day on, but it certainly made a positive memory.


Looking back on The Day Everything Changed, I can’t help but laugh at how a small teething toy could make such a big difference in our lives. But, that’s just the magic of the Matchstick Monkey – it may seem like a simple teether, but it has the power to transform fussy babies into happy ones, and that’s something truly special. The soother clip made life that extra bit easier, the number of times Echo clattered to the floor resulting in cleaning dropped from 15-20 times a day to 1 or 2.


Although Echo Elephant now has some companions, he’s still a top 3 favourite for our little boy behind just Shreddy Shark (#1) and Ludo Lion.

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