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Summary: Are Pikler Triangles Dangerous?

Pikler Triangles, purchased from reputable sources are safe. Originally designed by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler, Pikler Triangles are all about safe exploration. These cleverly crafted climbing frames encourage physical development while keeping the adventure within a controlled environment. However, like any piece of equipment, the safety factor largely depends on how they’re made and maintained.

Natural Pikler Triangle UK

Are Pikler Triangles Dangerous?

Chances are you’re on the edge, you’ve seen a market packed with Pikler Triangles are start to envision your little one climbing to the top of their new Pikler Triangle only for it to tip over sending them crashing down.

It’s a completely realistic scenario and, unfortunately, a realistic one when cheap, low-quality triangle climbers are bought from people who don’t have your best interest at heart. So, let’s find out – Are Pikler Triangles Dangerous?

Pikler Triangle Safety Features - Are Pikler Triangles Dangerous?
So what features should I look for?

1. Safety Certifications. Look for standards such as CE Marking which means the manufacturer or importer’s goods confirm with the European health, safety and environmental protection standards. A CE Marking should be the absolute minimum provided. To ensure the safety of your child, look for additional safety tests such as weight capacity, and mechanical and chemical testing.

2. Quality Materials. If a manufacturer uses good quality materials it’s an early indication that they focus on creating a product that has safety and quality at its forefront, and not company profits. Opting for longer-lasting hardwood and strong metal fixings helps increase the overall stability reducing the chance of the triangle falling over.

3. Good Workmanship. Pikler Triangles that are made quickly won’t last long. Opt for a Pikler Triangle that has every aspect, from design right through to quality control, carefully planned out with a focus on producing a quality product. Now handmade doesn’t always mean better. Be wary of purchasing second-hand DIY Pikler Triangles.

4. Connections. Pikler Triangles often come in forms that allow them to be folded flat. Some Pikler Triangles feature push or pull type connectors which can easily be knocked causing the triangle to fold in on itself. Others offer connections that are extremely stable with multi-point security, however, aren’t simple to fold. If you’re looking at accessories, make sure they’re suitable for the Pikler Triangle both in shape and connection. Any accessory should have a second connection type (clasp or string) to make sure they don’t detach during use.

4. Finish. The finish on a good quality Pikler Triangle should be smooth with no sharp edges. They should be finished in a non-toxic, splinter-free finish to protect your child and their hands and feet.

So what should I buy?

So I’ve been in your exact position. Searching through a market flooded with cheap, below-standard toys which filled me with dread. Because of that I decided to make a change – and created The Babber. A place that focuses on high-quality toys that are thoroughly vetted to ensure they comply to my personal high-bar expectations.


CE Safety Certified
Mechanically and chemically Tested
Weight Tested up to 150kg (50kg Recommended)
Natural Linseed & Beeswax Finish
Sturdy Base, Rounded Corners, Secure Connections
100% FSC-Certified Hardwood Plywood with Beech Dowels

You arrived asking “Are Pikler Triangles Dangerous?” and the verdict is in.

Pikler Triangles aren’t dangerous by nature, and they can be incredibly safe when purchased from reputable companies like us at The Babber. With the right safety features and a commitment to quality, these climbing frames provide an exhilarating yet secure playground for your little explorers.

Now, go ahead and embark on your Pikler Triangle adventure with confidence, knowing that you’re giving your child a safe space to grow, develop, and have a blast!

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