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Pikler Triangle Safety Features - Are Pikler Triangles Dangerous?

Are Pikler Triangles Dangerous?

Pikler Triangles, purchased from reputable sources are safe. Originally designed by Hungarian pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler, Pikler Triangles are all about safe exploration. These cleverly crafted climbing frames encourage physical development while keeping the adventure within a controlled environment. However, like any piece of equipment, the safety factor largely depends on how they’re made and maintained.

Montessori 101: Introduction Part 1

Are you curious about the Montessori method and what it entails? In this first post of our Montessori series, we’ll dive into the history and principles of this child-centered approach to education. From the meaning of Montessori to the philosophy behind it, you’ll learn everything you need to know to decide if it’s right for your child’s development.

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